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Bezpečně na veletrhu / Montessori Toys / Montessori Toys are an exclusive distributor of PlanToys, Safari Ltd. and The Purple Cow brands. For several years now, they are carefully picking high-quality products that are useful for a sensible child development. The company sees one of its greatest values a loving relationship to anything our planet offers and it tries to pass it on, because it belives in a better world for our kids. 

PlanToys is a Thai company making high-quality rubber tree toys that support playing, creative mind and teach the children about the world around us. The firm uses only trees which do not secret milk latex and immediatly plant new ones. Toy making is hence sustainable, ecological and the factory does not create any waste.

American company Safari Ltd. makes educational ecological toys in a form of handpainted animals, plants, buildings, life cycles or toys for outside. ain idea behind Safari Ltd. is "to teach by playing". It designes animal figures to be completely authentic and with its quality to be realistic as much as possible.

The Purple Cow company comes from Australia and it began by watching own children and effort to create something special. Science sets The Crazy scientist LAB offer a chance to become a real scientific researcher with their own laboratory, at least for a couple hours. Children will learn a lot of interesting facts which can be used for day-to-day life and they will have fun during it. All can be found at stand D13 in Hall 1

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