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Mechanické srdce / Mechanical heart

Mechanické srdce / Mechanical heart

Shots from steamguns, airship explosions, even silent ticking of unknown machines - everything comes from the Mechanical heart book, a tens world bestseler for kids and young adults, translated into 13 languages.

Lily, daughter of a famous inventor is in a mortal danger. Her father is missing after an airship crash and she is chased by thugs with mirror eyes. What can these hybrids - half-men, half-machines - want with her? She has help, Robert, a son of a watchmaker and Malkin, mechanical fox. They are soon drawn in a terrible danger on the ground and in the air. Mechanical heart is the first part of a series by Peter Bunzl, an author with captivating imagination who stands shoulder to shoulder with other giants of steampunk, fantasy subgenre popular not only in literature. The book won an Awsome Book Award 2018, Dudley Teen Book Award 2017, Sefton Super Reads Award 2017 and in August 2016 it became the children book of the month of the Waterstones stones chains. It was nominated for uncounted number of other prices. Visit us at Svojtka stand C18 in Hall 1

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