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Svojtka Publishing will introduce new products with Expo Discount!

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Amphibious kickback scooters First Bike

Kickback scooters FirstBIKE are amphibious!

In the winter just replace the bicycle with skis and you have a skibob!

Year-round kickback scooters FirstBIKE, winter SKI set, new line FirstBIKE FAT with tires, which won't be stop by snow, a wide offer of helmets of a German brand ABUS and all that with a SPECIAL TRADE FAIR SALE!

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Mechanické srdce / Mechanical heart

Shots from steamguns, airship explosions, even silent ticking of unknown machines - everything comes from the Mechanical heart book, a tens world bestseler for kids and young adults, translated into 13 languages.

Lily, daughter of a famous inventor is in a mortal danger. Her father is missing after an airship crash and she is chased by thugs with mirror eyes. What can these hybrids - half-men, half-machines - want with her? She has help, Robert, a son of a watchmaker and Malkin, mechanical fox. They are soon drawn in a terrible danger on the ground and in the air. Mechanical heart is the first part of a series by Peter Bunzl, an author with captivating imagination who stands shoulder to shoulder with other giants of steampunk, fantasy subgenre popular not only in literature. The book won an Awsome Book Award 2018, Dudley Teen Book Award 2017, Sefton Super Reads Award 2017 and in August 2016 it became the children book of the month of the Waterstones stones chains. It was nominated for uncounted number of other prices. Visit us at Svojtka stand C18 in Hall 1

2019-10-14 11:35:40 More / Montessori Toys are an exclusive distributor of PlanToys, Safari Ltd. and The Purple Cow brands. For several years now, they are carefully picking high-quality products that are useful for a sensible child development. The company sees one of its greatest values a loving relationship to anything our planet offers and it tries to pass it on, because it belives in a better world for our kids. 

PlanToys is a Thai company making high-quality rubber tree toys that support playing, creative mind and teach the children about the world around us. The firm uses only trees which do not secret milk latex and immediatly plant new ones. Toy making is hence sustainable, ecological and the factory does not create any waste.

American company Safari Ltd. makes educational ecological toys in a form of handpainted animals, plants, buildings, life cycles or toys for outside. ain idea behind Safari Ltd. is "to teach by playing". It designes animal figures to be completely authentic and with its quality to be realistic as much as possible.

The Purple Cow company comes from Australia and it began by watching own children and effort to create something special. Science sets The Crazy scientist LAB offer a chance to become a real scientific researcher with their own laboratory, at least for a couple hours. Children will learn a lot of interesting facts which can be used for day-to-day life and they will have fun during it. All can be found at stand D13 in Hall 1

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Ford as a titular partner of the ABF, a.s. would like to invite you for a presentation at Hall 5. Main star will be the Car of the year 2019 of Czech republic - Ford Focus. Keeping it company will be for example Mondeo or Kuga! Professionals from Auto Palace Spořilov will gladly help with picking the right car and the right option for financing or insurance. Ask for consultancy HERE.

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Megaslizoun / Megaslimer

Product range for making the most perfect slimes! Glues, non-toxic activators suitable for children, colors, smells, glitter and other accessories for creating slimes will be found at our stand D05 at Hall 1.

Complete range can be viewed at our e-shop:


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Dino vás baví / Dino entertains you

Dino entertains you and participates as always at the biggest Autumn toy Fair FOR TOYS.

Visit the Dino stand and come to play and try many new games, which bolster original projects from Czech designers such as Louka jak vyšitá / Embroidery pasture, Diamantový les / Diamond forest or last year's favorite Farao with Ancient Egypt themes. You can play world-famous Sequence, which we bring to the Czech market this Autumn or try a legendary game Maršál a špión / Marshall and spy in a new coat. Fans of fast paced games will also find their niche in more games that we are releasing and there will be an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with a new abstract family game inspired by Chinese Mahjong Dračí palác / Dragon palace, which release suprised many a fan. Dino stand won't forget even the classics as Dostihy a sázky / The races and bets, Člověče nezlob se / Ludo, Kloboučku hop / Jump, tiny hat or Z pohádky do pohádky / From a tale to a tale. The smallest ones can look forward to a wide array of Czech picture blocks or a legendary Czech Tatra in many varianst with a small play area.

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New Halloween  and Christmas products this year!

Join us and enjoy/survive Halloween! This year's Halloween colors are black and pink. What?! Spooky holiday and pink? Yes, that is exactly what it is about this year! And you can see how great the decorations are at our stand. And we will have many more!  You can buy Halloween and Christmas decorations with a 10% sale, we will blow helium balloons, show you great ideas for balloon gifts (like how great a gift in a balloon looks like or how  suprising can a balloon in a box be). You can take a picture with crazy accessories at our photobooth and immediately put original Halloween photos on FB and IG. And while we are at topic of photography - how about an Instax camera which will be a must for every party, celebration or concert? See you at FOR TOYS!

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Fully-fledged and symetric development of both brain hemispheres requires activity of both hands and especially soft-motorics of all ten fingers. And Jarmarok is a specialist in it. Come and try an interesting Ancient Samurai technique - tying cords on a wooden Marudai loom or on our foam loom Jarmarok. You can tie your first bracelet with a basic technique, usable by preschool kids or try the dexterity of your hands with the help of our motorics products and tests. Maybe you will find out your weaker hand is not as weak as you thought it is and maybe you will give it a bigger part in your life. It is never too late.

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MARIONETINO puppet theater

We make puppet theaters for kids from up to 3 years of age. A puppet theater, high-quality, good storing, light weight. Strong and durable puppets, right from the puppeteer. Wide product offer of puppets and Fairy Tales. Puppet theater was given a certificate Right toy / Správná hračka and an Honorable mention at Grand Prix FOR TOYS 2018.

Excellent tool for fostering imagination and creative thinking and significantly develops communication abilities of a child, introduces children to a classic Fairy Tales.

Czech made, light weight, high stability. Stand D02 in Hall 1.

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